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WE have many types of maintenance programs available.

If you join our comfort club you will receive these benefits along with superior service.

1. Extended equipment life
2. Fewer repairs and nuisance calls
3. Improved capacity and efficiency
4. Discount on repairs , service and replacements
5. Repair  problems before they result in major breakdowns
6. Lower utility bills
7. Improved safety
8. Priority customer we put you ahead of non club members
9. Increase longevity of system
10. Agreement is transferable if you sell your home
11. We remind you when scheduled maintenance is due by email, phone, or postcard
12. Maintain complete history of equipment

COMMERCIAL;                      please ask for specialized quote.


Includes check amp draw compressor, condenser motor, evaporator motor and their capacitors. Check and clear primary and secondary drain lines, check belts and pulleys; adjust if necessary, Check system operating pressures (Refrigerant levels), Check thermostat operation and calibrate if necessary, General inspection of wiring in furnace and A/C, Inspect condenser coil and clean if necessary, Inspect evaporator coil and Brush clean if accessible, Inspect filter; replace if customer provides replacement filter, Lubricate motor oil ports if accessible,Test temperature rise and drop of furnace, A/C and heat pump, Check crankcase heater operation, visually inspect complete system.

  • Yearly
  • Biyearly
  • Quarterly
  • Monthly

energy saving tips

There are many things you could and should due to save money and our environment.

First tip is to change your air filter on a regular basis, this will reduce particles from entering your system that cause components to overwork and become less efficient. Filters can reduce microorganisms from building up in your air handler and duct systems. By changing your filter you are allowing the air in your system to flow more freely than it would with a filter that is clogged or partially clogged subsequently reducing the electricity used to run the system.

Next, having a programmable thermostat installed and have it set to run at a higher temperature at times of the day when it is not necessary to run it cooler. Remember that for cooling 78 degrees is a good setpoint and every degree below that is approximately 10% more electricity used and 68 degrees when heating.There are many different options when choosing a thermostat so let our highly trained professionals assist you.

Next, having your system cleaned on a regular basis by our professional technicians. This will not only reduce energy cost but prolong the life of your system and the best part it will reduce the contaminants in the air you and your family are breathing. This is included in our yearly maintenance agreements.

Next, if your system is over 12 years old it is by far outdated by new technology that allows air conditioning to run at a much less cost. Just like the cell phones and internet, scientist have made many changes in the way systems operate. Most of our customers are experiencing a 30% reduction in their electric bill and with today’s electric prices these systems pay for themselves in just a few years. In most cases when customers finance their systems, the reduction in the electric bill more than pays the monthly payment.

A/C repair service, refrigeration service commercial and residential

Frost Mechanical specializes in Air condition repair, heating and cooling maintenance,  commercial refrigeration  service and repair and  A/C replacement within our large service area from Tallahassee Florida to Mobile Alabama including Panama City, Destin, 30A, Niceville, Creastview, Ft. Walton, Mary Esther, Pensacola, to Mobile.

We are a large company designed to provide excellent service to national accounts, local and chain restaurants, gas stations, condominiums, department stores, malls, commercial and residential properties.

Our scope of work is from the smallest job like thermostat replacement to complete new construction or remodels of department stores and malls and everything in between that has to do with Heating , cooling or refrigeration.

Our business motto is very simple, we treat people the way we want to be treated in every way! you can rest assured when you do business with Frost Mechanical you will be treated with respect, honesty and integrity.